Tookoo Landscape Design


landscape & garden design in adelaide, SA


Tookoo Landscape Design is an Adelaide, South Australia garden design business offering professional design and horticultural services


Good landscape design brings people and place together. This way of thinking is at the centre of Tookoo’s design philosophy.  

Owner and designer, Tracey Obst understands there is no one size fits all response when it comes to designing gardens. Her creative direction, the preferences of the owner, the building style and nature of the site are all important elements in the landscape design process and need to relate to one another and work together as a whole to create successful landscape solutions

Tracey knows how to best use the principals of design in a landscape and blend them with plant combinations of form, texture, colour and visual interest. Plants are carefully selected to suit the soil, rainfall and local climate.

Tookoo Landscape Design can help you achieve the best solution for your garden. Let us design a garden around you and your lifestyle, to live in and enjoy.


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